Changes to RebateHero mean more savings for you!

At RebateHero, we’re working hard to make rebates as easy to use as coupons. It is our goal to show you simple ways you can use rebates as a fantastic tool for saving money. Let’s be honest, there is no reason why you shouldn’t save money on a purchase you’ve already made! Recently, we have made some vital changes here at RebateHero to make the saving process easier for you:

_ We’ve increased the number of rebates on our site. Our website now features thousands of rebates, all clearly categorized and easily search-able.

_ We’re using social media to show you different rebates we have available to help you save on purchases, big or small. We also love feedback on what kinds of rebates would help you save!

_ We’ve adopted a new logo to express our commitment to helping our community learn about smart ways to be thrifty with rebates. We want to build a movement of smart shoppers!

_ We’re providing more information on savings strategies with weekly blog and social media posts for tips on how you can use rebates to achieve a frugal, but comfortable lifestyle.

We know that stretching your dollar is important. RebateHero is committed to helping you save money and we hope the changes we’ve made will help more people use and understand rebates. Let us know how RebateHero is helping you reach your savings goals, and we hope you join us along for the ride!

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