Get Organized!

Get Organized!

The kitchen is often the heart of the home where entertaining is done, meals are prepared, and people come and go to grab a snack; leaving it doomed to become a mess. No need to worry, the RebateHero team is here to help you save on all your kitchen organization problems!

Let’s start off with tupperware: it’s great for storing leftovers, fresh cut fruits and veggies, kid snacks, the list goes on! Here are some rebates on tupperware sets that are sure to clean up the clutter in your kitchen:

–> Pyrex 20 piece storage set - $10 visa gift card

–> Pyrex 12 piece storage set or 12 piece mixing bowl set - $5 visa gift card

Forgetting exactly which leftovers are which, or even how long they’ve been in your refrigerator or freezer can be easy! Use this rebate on Avery office supplies to get yourself some labels to keep track of those leftovers!

–> $25 Target gift card after purchasing $75 of Avery products

Plastic bags can also be great for storing leftovers, carrying snacks on-the-go, or freezing raw meat. Here’s a few rebates to help you save on Hefty storage and freezer bags!

–> Hefty 1 quart storage bags - $1 off

–> Hefty 1 quart freezer bags - $1 off

–> Hefty 1 gallon storage bags - $1 off

We all know trash is inevitable in the kitchen, so here’s a rebate for Hefty 13 gallon trash bags - $3 off

These Ziploc flexible totes and heavy duty bags are great for organizing the rest of your home! Ideal for storing spare sheets and blankets, out of season clothes, and traveling too!

–> Ziploc extra large heave duty bags - $3 off

–> Ziploc flexible totes - $3 off

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As always, happy savings!

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